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6 tips when exploring web design options

Do you need a website but don’t know where to start? Here are 6 simple tips to help you get started. We hope it helps. If you require more specific help, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Surge.

6 tips when choosing web design banner


6. Avoid Theme Websites.

If cash-flow is an issue, then they could easily be used as a temporary solution until funding becomes available but we couldn’t recommend them as part of a long term business plan. A lot depends on your requirements, but generally ‘theme’ websites should be avoided. They can look pretty decent and the price can be very attractive, but the cons definitely outweigh the pros. The reality is that themes lack the flexibility required to fully express your business and/ or personal needs. It will never look as good as you expected. Not without investment in top photography and design to compliment the shell of the theme. There is the possibility that you could end up investing more in the long run if you discover that the theme doesn’t represent you or your business in the way you had hoped. There is also the lack of control to worry about and the inability to operate outside the parameters of the theme.

5. Avoid low cost Web Designers.

Much worse than using themes is hiring an extremely low cost web designer who is only going to put a theme together and charge you for it. As the saying goes… ‘If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.’ This point is much more important than point 5. You don’t want to be paying someone to do something that you can do yourself. It’s also very important that you are not just paying for the service of the site itself, but for the support afterwards. Our advice is to do some research, ring a few companies and get a good feel for what you should be getting for your money.

4. Write out your requirements and know what you need.

Do you need an online shop? Do you need sign in/ log in functionality. Do you need a logo designed? Do you need matching business cards and/or brochures? Does your business rely on online visibility? Do you need an app? What about videos, images and content. There is a lot to consider and it’s good to have some research behind you. This is how you get the most out of meetings with web designers. The more questions you have, the better. It will speed along the design process and put whatever fears you may have to rest. It will also help to root out the people you’d like to avoid in point 4.

3. Make sure you’re heard!

This is an extension of point 4. If you come out of a meeting with a feeling that your requirements weren’t fully understood, then they probably weren’t. A good web design company will be able to strike the balance between offering their own expertise and experience whilst remaining completely in line with your own preferences. You might even come out of a meeting with some new ideas, food for thought and renewed excitement. Don’t commit to anything if you don’t feel like you’ve been heard.

2. Look at the web designers own website.

You can tell a lot about a business from their site. If they can’t do a good website for themselves, don’t expect them to do a good one for you. Check it for things like responsiveness, browser compatibility and speed (will it load correctly for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera).

1. Get References.

Look at web design companies’ previous work and get references. Good web design companies will gladly and proudly showcase their previous work and if they developed a good working relationship with the client then references won’t be an issue. Any reputable business is happy to give and receive references. Talking to someone who’s been through the process will help a lot too.

Hope this advice helps you along your new venture. If you have any more questions or would just like to say hello please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Surge.

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