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Are you being serious about your company website?

As technology develops and grows rapidly there will always be trends which business owners feel obliged to follow. It is sometimes hard however to get your head around it, from responsive websites to mobile websites, twitter to facebook, pinterest to intagram – where do I start???

Technology is undoubtedly a tool which can help businesses grow but it can seem so daunting at times. What is right for your business with regards social media for example might be a question you are thinking through. Many people will say you need to be on twitter, or you have to have a facebook business page – and while this might be true for a business dealing directly with customers and offering a B2C service, it is not always the case with a business dealing with other businesses.

We are asking the question of potential clients who contact us: Are you being serious about your website? Seems like an odd question to be asked – but it is one that we feel needs to be addressed. A company website can become a vital tool in the expansion of a business. If you ever noticed the yellow pages coming through your door over the years you will have observed how it seems to be getting smaller and smaller. The reason for this? People are no longer tending to look through the yellow pages to find a business or service. A simple google search is all that is needed to find a product or service.

A company website is quickly becoming a digital business card which needs to impress the online browser. Visitors to websites spend an average of 20 seconds on a new website before making a decision on whether to continue browsing or never return again. Decisions are made in those 20 seconds which affect your business. At Surge we work with our clients to ensure that we understand who is likely to visit your website, what do they need to see and how do we want them to interact with your website.

Taking your company website seriously can become one of the best decisions you might make in 2015 for your business. We would be delighted to work with you in order to ensure that you get the most out of your website, contact us to arrange a meeting.

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