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How should our business go about blogging? This question can be infuriating. The best writers suffer from writer’s block, not to mind a humble business owner who is trying to work on their digital marketing through business blogging. Fortunately, there are ways to get those creative juices flowing. What is even more fortunate… sometimes creative juices are not even required. Depending on your line of work, there may be opportunity to develop a blogging strategy that can run concurrently with your business. Outlined below are some ideas we have penned to help businesses decide what to write about.

Projects- before, during and after

This may not be relevant for everyone but what you’re working on could provide ample amounts of content for your blog. Take an architect for example. An architect could write a blog post about a newly completely project. There might even be enough content to write three business blog posts.
• One before the project begins and what’s planned about the project.
• One during the project, how it’s coming along, hiccups etc.
• Project finish- how was the experience, lessons learned, how amazing the finished project looks.

Think Local

Where is your business based? People love to read about things that are directly related to their locality. So if you’re a new business that just got set up in the area, then people are going to want to read about that. Maybe there is an event coming up in the region? Are the local football team playing?

Think People

People want to be engaged on a real, personal level so think about what’s important to them. Think in particular about your target market. If you’re unsure, you can read more about establishing your target market here. Think about what interests people have and draw as many connections as possible between these interests and your business. A simple example could be a purveyor of gardening materials. The target market is obviously interested in gardening, so write about what’s currently in season, what’s blooming, soil conditions, weather and everything else related to gardening.

Check the news and see if there’s anything relevant

The news can be a never-ending source of inspiration for a blogger. This obviously works better for some industries like those involved in finance but it’s always worth keeping an eye on it. People respond very well to content that’s relevant and current and generating content based around topical issues can really engage people. Let me check the news to give you an example. Headline: Property Market showing Renewed Signs of Momentum. An estate agent could read this article and give their professional insights into this news.


Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Bank Holidays, National holidays, summer holidays. We’re all very familiar with the various seasonal holidays. Do these relate to your business in any particular way? Obviously, if you’re in retail, then Christmas is going to be a big one for you. If you sell ice-cream, then the summer holidays.

Give free advice

Give a little to get a little. If you give readers worthy free advice, then it will improve their perception of you. Example: If you are a carpenter it could be DIY advice. You could write about assembling IKEA furniture. There is also the potential to have your free advice rank well with Search Engines that could really help to build your brand.

See what others are writing about.

Obviously, plagiarism is to be avoided… but there’s nothing wrong with searching for inspiration from people who have already been through what you are going through. Business blogging ideas can often be recycled and used across various industries so it doesn’t need to be a similar business to yours.

If you would like to discuss anything in this article further, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to hear innovative new ideas… If you would like to read more articles like this one, why not sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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