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There are lots of web design companies in the Munster area that all offer the same range of services. We want to be the best and so we endeavour to offer you the best service you can possibly get. We know we can’t be the best at everything so we want to build partnerships instead.

If you’re looking for some web design or software development work to be done you will find you have an endless list of options of providers to choose from. Going all the way from students who do some part time work on the side to large companies who deal with large corporations. One thing we’ve noticed is that many companies seem to be able to offer all the required services all as one package. At Surge, we question this philosophy.

Is it easier for a client to only have to deal with 1 company for all its online needs, sure yes! Are they guaranteed a top quality service in every field and every aspect that requires attention in this every growing online industry, I really dont think so.

Thats why here at Surge, we take quality over quantity very very seriously. But we also understand things need to be kept simple.

Surge looking for Partners

Because we know we excel in certain areas but cannot be great at everything , we are on a search to find people who excel in their own fields. Because we want to be a bespoke company who prides itself on personal relationships we know we cannot grow so large that a client becomes a number. To put it simply, staying relatively small is part of our model. As a result of this we have decided to partner up with hosting experts, social media experts, SEO experts, printing experts and content writing experts. So from a client perspective you will still only have to deal with Surge, but from an experience and quality perspective you will be getting bespoke and quality work in every area.

What are our strengths?

Surge prides itself on web design and development, we want to keep learning and truly be the best at this that we can possibly be. We are always inspired by some of the greatest designers and developers in Ireland and strive to have the same reputation as them. Our key skills in development are front end work using coding languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and some popular platforms and frameworks like WordPress, OpenCart, Expression Engine, AngularJS and Laravel.

From a design perspective we are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality one could find in the country. We constantly compare ourselves to designs we regard as being in the top 1% in terms of standards. Using tools like Balsamiq we will carefully craft out wireframes and prepare your app or site for you to review before moving to the full bespoke design itself.

Who would we like to partner with?

As we said most web design companies tend to offer the following list of services, but we feel they cannot possibly excel in all of them. We are looking to partner with different companies who offer a quality service in the following…

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Printing
  • Photography

If you feel you excel in one of these areas feel free to explore our home page to get a feel for who we are what we do and then perhaps we can work together to deliver something excellent!

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