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Check out our work for the LCFE Strategic plan

When we were asked to complete the new LCFE website we were also tasked with building a modern web display for their 2014 – 2018 strategic plan. As this task was separate from the main website we were also given more creative freedom. Check it out here.

The challenge

We created an accessible digital version of a complex brochure

Our main challenge was addressing the problem of transferring a huge amount of content onto the web while still allowing it to be easy to navigate and explore. In most cases having a lot of content can be restrictive. You may find the most creative and adventurous sites online these days are not extremely heavy on text.

Luckily LCFE have a lot of colours and graphics, and integrate this well with their content with the version. We were able to play with these and come up with ideas based on them to use on the web. Using nice CSS animations and an abundance of colours we built something elegant, appealing and easy to use. If you have a particular product or service you want demonstrated on the web feel free to give us a call 061 518343 or contact us here for more information.

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