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Do I need a website?

I have encountered this question frequently, both within Surge and throughout day to day activities outside of Surge.

More and more businesses feel that they need a website and their reasons vary. Some want to sell online. Some want their services to be found easily on Google. Some feel they need to because their competitors are online. And often… it’s a mixture.

Do I need a website?

So… Do I need a website?

Everyone’s situation is different. The short answer is… you will get from your website, whatever you put into it.

If you are thinking about selling online you need to consider the amount of work that’s going to be involved. Every product you plan on listing is going to need to be really well photographed and all product details are going to need to be filled out. This isn’t a big problem if you are only going to sell 3 or 4 items but most stores have the potential to sell hundreds, or thousands of different products and this is where the work comes in.

And that’s just to get up and running. There’s no point in having a stunning looking website with thousands of products if no-one is ever going to see it because they can’t find it. The same is true for people in the service industry who want people to find them with a search engine.

This is why, before you even consider your website, you need to think about your digital marketing strategy. How are customers going to find you? Are you going to focus on SEO? Are you going to use Social Media to drive people to the site? What about paid social media or Adwords campaigns? Are you going to blog? Do you have time for all of this?

Whatever your strategy, one thing is a given… if you do nothing with your website, then nothing will happen. Your website will join so many other websites that have gone before it in website heaven.

So do you need a website? A website is like a car, you have to drive it to get where you want to go.

If you would like to discuss any of the above further, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Surge.

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