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Inside Surge: Meet Adrian

Who are Surge and what makes them tick? Why would someone want to work with Surge Media? Adrian de Cléir works as technical director at Surge, he is someone who is passionate about working through problems and getting solutions. Adrian lives in Corbally, Limerick and enjoys keeping active and appreciating the world around him.

Adrian de Cléir - web development Limerick

Having studied computer systems in the University of Limerick, Adrian put his interest in coding on hold while he explored different career options, this took him down the route of Aircraft Avionics maintenance for several years.

However with a natural handle and skill on computer coding Adrian was always going to return to code and web development. Having worked on various projects and large eCommerce websites the opportunity came to combine the development skills with the entrepreneurial ability through Surge and Adrian has not looked back since.

Adrian de Cléir

Outside of work Adrian has a great passion for music and music production. He has been involved in the Limerick music scene for years producing and mixing tracks since 1997. Music production has helped in developing a great blend of creativity and professionalism. Often spotted at the various music events around Limerick, Adrian has a passion and appreciation for quality music acts or as he might call them “chones”.

Work wise, professionalism and customer service are two very important factors for Adrian. His passion and drive to achieve a great result have ensured that at a technical level Surge have always been able to deliver on custom software and web development. Adrian enjoys and rises to the challenge of a project coming in that has never been done before. The sense of discovery and learning is what drives him on to succeed and deliver excellent results. One of Adrian’s favourite Surge projects to date has been Rascal Reads because of the unique challenge and end product.

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