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Language trips for schools and individuals made easier

Bilingual Connection run language immersion camps for international students in Ireland. Students from Europe visit Ireland to help them further their English vocabulary, whilst participating in a wide range of fun activities. The Gaeltacht experience that many of us are so familiar with, is made available to students of different nationalities.

Surge met with Cate O’ Connor, the founder of Bilingual Connection, to get a good understanding of her requirements. One of the primary purposes of the website was to help alleviate some of the workload involved in running Bilingual Connection. Below are some of the ways that were identified to achieve this.

Accessible Information

Information needed to be easily accessed by the parents and/ or teachers of the students. This is to try and reduce the amount of time spent communicating via emails and calls by answering questions before they’re asked.

Booking Forms

There are two different types of booking forms implemented. One for an individual student and one for a school group. Having a booking form that can be filled out online makes it simpler and easier to gather the required information.

Easy payment facility

By implementing an easy payment system we can streamline the payment process, making it easier for users to pay and relieve some of the bureaucracy involved in making bank transfers and waiting on cheques.

Content easily changed

Bilingual Connection is built on WordPress which is a very easy to use Content Management System. So when information about trips needs to be changed it can be done quickly and easily without having to depend on any external input.

Another purpose of the website was to reinforce user confidence by giving insights into previous trips. Testimonials and gallery images have been used to do so. Users can get a visual taste of what to expect and read about how much the kids enjoyed the trip.

A unique feature included in the website is the closed blog. This is to aid Cate in keeping parents and teachers updated on the progress on current trips. Cate keeps a daily blog on what’s happening during the trip and this blog can only be accessed by those who possess a unique code i.e. the parents and teachers who have been assigned the code.

Surge took great pleasure in creating this website for Bilingual Connection and working with such a unique and interesting business. We wish Cate continued success and envy all the students that get to go on her trips… ;)

Check out her new website here.

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