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Laying down some solid foundations.

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Imagine building a house or any substantial structure without a good foundation. Sounds ridiculous even to the average Joe who might not have much building knowledge. The same principle of setting down solid stable foundations needs to apply when it comes to business.

As a start up company it can sometimes feel like you are working hard and not reaping any rewards. There is so much paper work to get through and requirements to meet, from setting up a bank account to writing up a business plan there is much to be done at the early stages.

When we set up surge we were determined to get things right and to start as we mean to continue. What this meant for us was to take the time to work hard on what our processes and ironing out exactly what it is we are offering.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” The natural desire when starting up a business is to want to jump in the deep end and get to work without any substantial preparation. The problem with this approach is that too many lessons need to be learned as you work on a clients project. When it comes to a clients business and livelihood mistakes need to be kept at a minimum.

The approach of making things up as we go along might get you out of a sticky situation temperately but without making the necessary preparations and covering all possible potential issues that might arise, a start up company can very quickly find themselves in over their heads and the consequences might lead to clients losing potential business.

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