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Let’s talk about price!

We often get asked how much a website is but unfortunately there’s no short answer. It all depends on the level of design and functionality that’s required and generally this is very different from case to case. That is why at Surge we always recommend contacting us to organise a free consultation.

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By meeting in person a potential client can go into detail and explain what they need, what they want and where they want to go; whether that’s to sell online or to become the year’s most wanted app.

We can then add our insight and experience to it… What design concepts can we use to engage the user? What functions can we apply to make a user’s life easier. What about social media, SEO, blogging and content? When you’re dealing with something as limitless as the internet, possibilities become endless…

At Surge we don’t think that there should be a one size fits all approach to website design. We believe that every business is different. We find that businesses emulate the people behind them and this is what we try to capture.

So, in order to find out ‘how much?’ we would like to know more. Who are you? What do you do? What are your ambitions? The first step is to contact us here at Surge. Just drop a quick email and say hello…

If you want to see more why not check out some of our handiwork.

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