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Limerick Clubs
We’re proud to announce our very own new app. Its an active live list of every club in Limerick City and County. Its currently available for Android but we expect to have the IOS version in the coming weeks.

From our description on Google Play…

This free app is designed to provide a full, thorough and complete list of all the sports and hobbies clubs in Limerick City and County. Because the information is constantly updated it takes a live feed from our database rather than saving to your phone. We are striving to make sure this list does not miss any club out there so if you spot a club missing please contact us immediately with the details and if possible an image related to it. Remember, it can be any sport or hobby/activity club in Limerick.

We hope this will be a useful tool for all demographics: parents wondering what clubs they could introduce their children to, young teens finding out about their local football clubs, adults looking for something new to be a part of.

This is a free and non profit app, we intend on never using ads nor do we plan on implementing any other costs to attempt to make money from it. We just want it to do exactly what it says!

Keep an eye out for updates as we begin to build on this app very quickly with new features and more information while always keeping in mind our passion for simplicity in use.

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Android app on Google Play

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Even though we’ve put many hours into compiling the biggest list of clubs we know of in Limerick we know for a fact we are still missing many. Coming very soon already is a feature to submit a club to the app yourself. We will also be displaying a web view to allow people to upload their own clubs online via their browser. However in the mean time, if you would like to submit your club, please fill in the contact form below and we will add it immediately. All clubs from any hobby, activity or sport welcome. Clubs just over the Limerick borders are very welcome too!

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