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Internet access is widely available throughout the country – the internet can be used in almost all of Ireland, with the exception of a few remote locations where coverage is poor. This access to information has really changed how we communicate and go about our business.

In the past five years website design has really come on leaps and bounds. In the past it was a given that if you want to view a company’s website then you need to get on a laptop or a desktop computer. Today however a website needs to be accessible through multiple mobile devices as well as multiple browsers.


At Surge we feel it is very important to offer our clients the very best. All of our new websites come with custom responsive design as standard. What this means is that we carefully consider how our clients websites will appear across mobile devices. A company website is fast becoming an important marketing tool for any business – it is a digital business card which represents and sells a company’s ideals, products or services.

Having a website which is easy to understand and navigate is extremely important, this does not only apply to a desktop version of a website anymore – but also to smartphones and tablet versions. Mobile internet access has rapidly increased and it has been reported that smartphones and mobile devices are set to become our main means of accessing the internet by 2016. With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to access websites, it makes good business sense to ensure that your company website is responsive and can represent what you are all about regardless of the device your website is viewed on.

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