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New pharmaceutical website for Serosep

We at Surge are proud to unveil the results of one of our latest projects, We worked with Serosep, a leader in medical science solutions, in order to create a website that represented their ambition and innovation. Serosep are specialists in providing both microbiology and histopathology solutions with a strong emphasis on research and development to advance in their field.

The Brief
Serosep approached Surge with the task of designing and developing a new website that would appeal to their target market. Being a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory diagnostic solutions, their target market are individuals and businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, both national and international. serosep-historyVisitors to the site need to get a feel for the kind of company Serosep are, what services they provide and what onsite facilities they have. We worked closely with the team at Serosep and Suzanne Dirk, a digital marketing strategist for export markets, to deliver a clean, professional website that can engage this specific market. We found Suzanne very easy to work with and would recommend her services to anyone dealing with international exports. You can find out more about her and her services at

The website is designed to appeal to the target users through clean, professional, stylish designs. The Surge team worked on understanding the industry and the ultimate end user. We met with the head of each department in order to get a full appreciation for the unique selling points of Serosep’s solutions. Serosep provides solutions for a very diverse and varied group of users within the medical science industry with the main specialities being microbiology and histopoatholgy, with an environmental and ditributon section also important to include. We made the microbiology and histopathology sections our chief ‘Call To Action’ buttons, encouraging users to navigate through these particular areas of the site.


Not only does the site look good, it also has some cool features including  video embeds, certification downloads, a timeline, a map of Serosep facilities and a news blog. A feature that we are particularly proud of is the multi-lingual capabilities of the site, which are necessary given the international market that Serosep are dealing with. There is also a members download area, through which clients can download required certificates. This was all incorporated into the WordPress Content Management System which makes life very easy for admins of the site to make any content changes required. All of these features combine not only to deliver a contemporary look but also to mirror what Serosep are all about… innovative leaders in the field of pharmaceutical engineering.

Here’s to their future success!

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