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New Web Design Studio for Surge

With teary eyes and lumpy throats we have bid farewell to the Tait Business Center and with equally intense excitement we introduce you to our new business residence… 18 Mallow Street.

We simply outgrew the old space in a number of ways. Adrian de Cleir’s legs had grown too long. John O’ Brien’s incessant photography habit had grown too irritating. I had outgrown my space in the closet under the stairs that I shared with a 12-year-old wizard. Pele the Picture had grown tired of clinging to his corner of the room. And Peter the Plant had grown sick of not being able to see out the window. It had generally gotten a little pokey- and that was without Mark O’ Sullivan dropping by from his office on the road for one of his frequent visits.IMG_4467

And so- we now operate from a much larger, brighter space on 18 Mallow Street. We have recently made a very deliberate decision to begin calling it ‘The Studio’ instead of ‘The Office’. This is partially to distance ourselves from the antics depicted in Ricky Gervais’ interpretation of an office. And partially to bring us closer in line to what it is that we offer- which is a ‘creative’ solution to businesses online needs.

Up here on the third floor we have two huge windows that flood the place with light. Even on the coldest, darkest, wettest, most miserable and horrible mornings enough light still pours in to take some quality photography so as to appease John’s habit. There’s also plenty of leg room for Adrian and a larger closet under the stairs for me.

From up here we enjoy looking down on this bustling business street lined with the red-brick Georgian buildings and we are thankful to be working in such a beautiful part of Limerick.

Please feel free to call in if you have any web design or development requirements. Or if you just want to have a nose around and meet Peter and Pele… You’re most welcome!

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