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Our new client: Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Surge are delighted to announce we have been working alongside the guys at Bitesize Irish Gaelic on their already wonderful e-learning app

Bitesize Irish

The site boasts a neat original way of learning Irish that appeals to both Irish and non Irish alike for those interested in learning the language. With its easy to use “Bitesize” learning philosophy one can steadily and slowly move from the very basics of the Irish language up to the more advanced level.

From going through the lessons one by one and enjoying the very clear and pronounced audio sound bites you can start from “Dia dhuit”, and move all the way to full conversation, sentences and tenses… “An ndéanfaidh tú císte do mo bhreithlá?”. We’ll let you try to figure that one out yourself :)

Don’t forget to also check out their enjoyable podcasts too.

What are Surge doing?


Our partnership with Bitesize Irish Gaelic involves us offering technical functional changes on their app. Using a neat GIT workflow and developing in PHP we have been working closely with Bitesize to fulfil all technical changes that involve new functionality and features they require. So far this involves logic changes to certain dashboard forms, layout changes and soon we will be working on a restructuring of how their lessons are delivered to the user.

We are also set to assist them in the redesign of their site to allow it to become mobile responsive which these days is not only just a popular requirement but is now a necessity for your site to survive in the quickly evolving world wide web.

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