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Your website is an extension of your business

We understand the importance of getting your website right from the start. That is why we work with you to communicate your vision before considering website design and development. Outlined below is a snapshot of how we can help you progress from sketches to fully functioning website.

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Client Meeting

Our initial client meeting is a great opportunity to speak with you one-to-one and to get a good understanding of your business. Our aim at this stage is to listen to you and to understand where you are coming from and where you want to go.


Planning Phase

Following our initial meeting, our design and development departments sit down to discuss your project. We understand the importance of clarity and communication, and through the planning phase we eliminate any ambiguity in the scope of the project.



Before getting to work on the actual design of your website we communicate with you and confirm that you are happy with the basic structures. Once you sign off on the scope of the project and a basic structural layout of your website we can progress to the design phase.

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Website Design

The design of your website could be the difference between its success and failure. We work with you to ensure that we understand the end user and that our design appeal to them. We aim to produce beautiful websites that make an impact and grab attention.



Development is the nuts and bolts of your site. With a passion for good quality code and attention to detail accompanied by an awareness of current trends, our website developers can deliver high quality websites that function very well. They consider it essential that the site is user friendly from an administrator point of view, and ensure that you will never have to delve into any code yourself to make changes.



The testing phase is an extremely important part of any website design and development. In current times the scope of browser compatibility has widened vastly. At Surge we work hard to ensure that we have tested your website thoroughly across multiple browsers and multiple devices.

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