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Advanced websites is what Surge do best, we take pride in developing custom website design for businesses that span from Kerry to locally here in Limerick to Dublin to Donegal.

What do we mean by “Advanced Website”?

When we say advanced website we consider this to be what a whole package in web development should consist of. Here we will take you through our entire process from initial conversations, through custom design, to development. Quite often an advanced website will consist of features and functions that aren’t in a typical brochure website. It may, for instance, integrate with other software or use an API supplied by Google, Facebook, etc. Using these tools allows you to have your site more integrated with some of the best services out there, allowing customers to log in using social media or perhaps have an event listing using Google maps.

bespoke websites

An advanced website will also have an extra amount of effort put into each page. Perhaps a fancy custom designed slider on a product or service page, or perhaps a member finder.

We will endeavour to make this process as easy as possible for you and will not stop with tweaks, changes and adjustments until you are totally satisfied and comfortable with what will be going live. We are always conscious that your own business is what you are passionate about, and what you care most about. Let us handle the rest.

We will also provide some basic Search Engine Optimisation guidance (SEO) and review changes where needed. A study by Forrester shows that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine so SEO is now a fundamental part of the website process.

At Surge we look after our customers both during the work and after it is complete. You can take it for granted that you will be offered the highest standard of maintenance support after your site has gone live. We pride ourselves on our response time and how we prioritize any issues that arise.

Going for the advanced website design option will have you working with Surge at their best.

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