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Surge provide a variety of brochure site options. Some people want a simple and cheerful solution that simply gets them online without heavy bespoke elements, some people want something yet be able to continue to edit the content themselves, and some people want something a little more advanced and custom made.

We cater for all requests and options. We could build a beautiful one page website that demonstrates a stylish look and feel for your business, something that may compliment your business cards and brochures.

We also build simple WordPress sites that could either work off a simple template that we have designed, or something a little more advanced. With WordPress you would then be able to edit the content, add news or blog features and take requests via a contact form. Having a brochure online 24 hours a day that requires no staff or maintenance and that gets your message out to a higher target audience is essential for you business.

We could also go one step up and do something a little more custom tailored, where we provide some designs for you to sign off on before we get to work.

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