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Mobile Friendly-Responsive Website Design And Development

Do you want to get your current site up to modern web expectations? Surge can provide mobile responsive website design and development.

More than 50% of people in Ireland and the rest of the world are now browsing the web on their mobiles. If you are on a tight budget and feel you don’t need a new website, we can assess your current site and give you a quote on making it mobile friendly. This involves giving it a responsive mobile design so when that when it is loaded on a small device, it displays with a very user-friendly block layout, often seen nowadays on the latest websites.

Mobile Responsive websiteMobile Responsive website

Mobile/Responsive design is now an essential part of a website. In fact, when we design new websites we don’t even consider this as an optional extra, it’s a necessity. Users expect to see this from the outset when they load your site on a phone. This has also now become another integral part of standards expected by search engines like Google.

The service we provide here is a useful one if you don’t want to go down the road of building a brand new responsive website. We carefully assess all the elements on your website, from the menu at the top to the main content to the footer. We examine the content pages and any pages with forms like a contact page. We then make decisions with the clients on how we envisage this being adjusted for a Mobile Responsive Website. Sometimes we may decide that certain items must simply be hidden, other times we may change text to block format.

This whole process from your point of view is one of ease. It doesn’t affect how you use your website and how you control your content.

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