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Surge aren’t simply a basic website service. Our core strengths are years of design experience combined with years of coding and web development experience. This puts us in a position to provide the best of both worlds, lovely websites that can also boast advanced custom features. If you need a web app with specific functionality we can provide that. We will sit down with you and carefully work out all your requirements and needs. We will take everything into account from the user experience to the core functionality itself and how it will work.

Surge Specialise Software and Web Development


This service isn’t just limited to new clients who have ideas for new web applications. It also applies to people who wish to add a new feature on their current site. Perhaps you’re looking for a booking system, or an image processor, or a pdf generator. Perhaps you simply want to start taking payments online without the rigmarole of setting up a new ecommerce site.

Customer cycles have now changed and more people are using mobile and tablet devices. The increased use of apps and mobile-optimized websites is greatly influencing sales. Mobile optimised websites are now a ranking factor with Google so it is more essential than ever.

Perhaps you want to provide a service for an existing mobile app. We can investigate your options and have a thorough one to one before beginning anything.

Surge also provide assistance at an hourly rate if you wish to improve on your own coding and web development or implement a feature to your app which may not necessarily fall within your skillset.
Feel free to contact us for more information if you’d like to discuss your software needs.

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