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Website Banner Design And Development

It’s one thing having a new site, it’s another thing having new decent looking content to make sure it’s looking great and up to date. Or perhaps you’re looking to promote a new feature, product, football match or gig! We design high quality, contemporary web banners that can be placed in a slider, can be simply sitting on top of your homepage or can be added in a content page.

Website Banners

We take pride in these designs so if you choose to get banners done by us, expect the best results and a totally professional finish.

While the banners can be made purely for web there is always an option of having them ready for print too.

We also provide non-Flash animated banners. Why non flash? It means we can make animations for your site that have support in all browsers, tablets and mobile devices. It even means we can make them responsive so they change and reshape with screen size. In addition, they can include real text which is much better for Search Engine Optimisation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Surge to discuss you website banner options.

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