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LCFE Strategic Plan

“I like the modern feel and straight-forward look of the website. It includes some key modern elements such as Employer Engagement and our Strategic Plan which are core to the mission of the College. Well done to Surge and the staff of LCFE. We put a lot of work into it and I think it has paid off”

Pat Maunsell



One of the primary objectives of the LCFE project was to present LCFE in the most professional light possible and help them put their best foot forward. Combining their new website build with their new Strategic Plan seemed like an obvious solution to achieve this.

And so it was decided that the best way to approach this would be to include it as a separate project and put more resources towards elevating the experience through engaging interactions.

The result is an online document that’s a pleasure to navigate through for the user and communicates what LCFE are all about and what they are trying to achieve.

For Surge, this project was hugely rewarding as it allowed us to spread our wings a little and get creative.

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