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Rascal Reads

We were referred to the guys in Surge due to the unique nature of our requirements. We create personalised children’s books for kids. To do this we needed a PDF generator that could take an image and user details and build it into a PDF that could be automatically sent to a printer.

Surge built this and developed and designed the website to align with the designs and animations in the books. We continue to work with Surge on an ongoing basis for various website requirements




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Rascal Reads create fun, personalised children’s books for kids. Their aim is to encourage children to read by including each individual child in Rascal’s adventures through their unique book building method.

The website user inputs the childs name and uploads an image of the child to the website. These details are then incorporated into the story to fully include the child in the plot alongside Rascal. Very clever… and a great way to get kids reading! Surge relished the challenge of designing and developing this bespoke solution for this very specific task.

The team at Rascal Reads were very professional in their approach and we are very thankful here at Surge for having been provided with such a unique challenge.

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