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Rascal Reads Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce our latest project will be going live pretty soon, and its called Rascal Reads.

Rascal is a cartoon character who gets caught up in ideas, adventures and fun with kids. The website will sell books about Rascal, but with a twist, your children can feature in the book too :).

By going onto the slick, modern cartoon styled and easy to use website boasting some of the unique illustrations and previews , you will be taken through a simple 3 step process.
1. Choose your book
2. Upload your image, (or take a picture on your phone), add their name, check out a preview page
3. Buy the book


The rest is taken care of and in no time you will receive it in the post!

The site boasts a responsive designed web app that is simple to use on any device, from your phone to a desktop.

How it works

RascalFor this project , the biggest priority in the brief we were given from the good people at Rascal Reads was that it is nice and easy to use. Here at Surge, we also have a passion for simplicity in a user interface combined with an elegant original design so this was music to our ears. Its not just about whether it works or not, its got to look great too! :)

Keeping this into account we decided to take a standard e-commerce platform , bend and twist it until it ended up looking nothing like one! This was a lot of fun and was nice to break from the norm.

Warning – Tech stuff:

Rascal PDF EngineFrom a technical perspective , it had to be secure, efficient and ready for a heavy load, so built on a LAMP stack the site takes the data from the customer , uses PHP and Javascript to crop, generate and edit the preview image, and compile the other relevant custom images and names within the book. Once complete, Rascal Reads receive a link where they can trigger the book build.
Once this link is clicked, the website builds every page into a high resolution PDF, merges them together and the result gets printed for delivery.

We will keep you updated when this goes live as it’ll make a great Christmas present for your niece or nephew ;) .
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