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Surge Loves doing Business in Limerick

There’s a lot we love about the city. We love the Castle, the Shannon and the old Georgian buildings. We love the people and their ability to take pride in their city especially when coming to the tail end of decades of unfair press and negative focus.

Proud to be a Limerick Business

We love businesses that reflect the character of the people behind them. With the transformation of Thomas Street, Bedford row, the city Quays, our 2020 bid and now the news of €8 million being approved for O’Connell Street, we now have more of a reason than ever to be ‘#LimerickandProud’ and excited for the future.

We want to hear cheery Limerick voices boom with laughter around the streets. Laughter that grows from happiness. Happiness that grows from optimism. Optimism that grows from the bright outlook of the local economy. A buzz in the street with high footfall every day of the week, more markets, colours and fun!

Given what we do and what our passion is, we see e-commerce being very much part of this future..

E-commerce continues to grow, year on year. We don’t see it as a direct replacement for local business but as a tool which can help established brick-and-mortar businesses to grow their sales.

At Surge we love to work with businesses that share our love for Limerick city. We can envisage Limerick participating in the international trend that is the growth of e-commerce and with that increase the standard of living, locally, for all.

If you share our passion, share our vision and would like to work with a web development company that is motivated by more than money, then please get in touch. Step by step, we can make Limerick better.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or have a look at some of our previous work. We would love to hear from you.

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