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What is the importance of an online presence?

Improving your online presence

Getting online is becoming increasingly more important. Having a well designed and easily navigated website coupled with a social media presence is almost essential for many businesses today. At Surge we are committed to helping our clients with their online needs.

We were delighted to be invited to our first exhibition in the South Court Hotel, Limerick as part of the Supply Network Shannon (SNS) Manufacturing Exhibition. As the newest members of the SNS group we made many new and interesting contacts during the day. The exhibition offered the participants the chance to display their products and services while also making new connections.

Surge were invited to present on how manufacturing companies can display the green credentials through the use of social media. John O’Brien explained the importance of social media especially among younger people and how this is an area where companies can invest in to boost their online presence. The amount of users of Facebook for example equates to the third largest country in the world at approx 1.23 billion users. John offered some advise on how the simple use of profile banners can get your message across and can help your company gain a competitive edge.

During the exhibition Surge spoke with many people about what we offer to businesses. We displayed our expertise in eCommerce websites, fully responsive business websites and our design and printing services. The exhibition offered a great opportunity for us to speak to business owners and discover what their online needs are.

As a company who strives to care for our clients we found the exhibition was a very valuable experience. Surge is looking forward to moving forward and making an impact as we help companies with their online presence.

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