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When you make an investment for your company you want to ensure that you are making a good decision

At Surge we aim to put our clients’ best interests first and we endeavour to listen to your unique business needs.


Our Core Values

Surge began when Adrian de Cléir and John O’Brien came together and agreed to create a company that they would be proud of and that they would love to work for. Surge combines creativity and technicality to produce unique and modern online solutions for businesses. We pride ourselves on what we stand for. Listed below are our core values.

We understand the importance of communication and clarity. When we work with a client we insist on hearing where they are coming from and listening to where they want to go.

Design Standards

At Surge we constantly strive to design to the highest possible standards. We understand the importance and complexity of design. We are proud members of the Institute of Designers in Ireland.

Quality of work

We intend to stand by our work. We take pride in a high quality and professional job. We don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to our services and are always looking to produce work that we can be proud of.

Business Integrity

Honesty is something that we value highly in Surge. We want to create a working environment based on trust and openness. Our vision is to become a company that stands out from others in the way we do our business.

Current Trends

Surge is committed to our responsibility to clients to stay current in an ever changing web environment. We believe in staying in touch with current trends and behaviours, ranging from new platforms, technologies, device types, legal requirements and expectations of websites.

Customer Service

Our aim is to provide our clients with a professional, reliable, and effective service. We respect our clients and listen to their needs. We are passionate about good customer service and we want to ensure that our clients enjoy their experience with Surge.


Adrian de Cléir
Adrian enjoys the creative buzz from coding and building. He is constantly learning and won’t rest until every stone is unturned. He also loves to bring ideas to life.
John O’Brien
John has always had a love for design and creativity. He spent his school years drawing all over books and creating flip book cartoons on the page corners.
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